Shipping is tough on packaging and products. Corners and edges of packages, cartons, and palletized loads take the brunt of punishment during shipment. The result can be damaged products and packaging, often leading to costly returns. For palletized loads, reinforcing, protecting and retaining stacked cartons is another important corner protection function that protects your shipments in transit. Loss and damage prevention is an important part of the packaging equation.

Whether you need edge protection, stacking strength, load retention, or any combination of these, Sun Packaging can help you find the most economical and effective solutions. For customers who simply need corner protection, low cost edge protectors provide a low cost but effective solution. For more demanding applications where stacking strength and load retention are required, medium or heavy duty v-boards may be necessary. Plastic is an excellent alternative in damp or wet conditions. Stock and custom printing is also available for these products.


As your full-service packaging systems partner, the experts at Sun Packaging can help you solve any packaging issue. As one of our customers, you can take advantage of our expertise in all areas of packaging, from applications engineering that helps you design an efficient productive packaging system for your business down to the smallest details, like edge and corner protection supplies. It’s all part of our dedication to complete service. Contact us today for information on corner protection products or about any packaging need. We’ll be happy to help you find a solution that is a perfect fit for your business.

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