Stretch wrapping is now the standard method used to unitize and stabilize pallet loads of materials and products. It’s cost-effective and easy to use, and modern stretch films do an excellent job on both uniform and irregular loads. At Sun Packaging, we are always searching for new ways to keep costs for stretch packaging low and packaging productivity high for our customers.



Cast stretch wrap is manfuactured using a cast extrusion process. The cast extrusion process involves melting a variety of thermoplastic resins, then pushing them through a flat die to create a thin film. The film is cooled using specialized chiller rollers and then spooled in to rolls. This process creates a pallet wrap film that is very clear with excellent tackiness and that is quiet when coming off the roll.


Blown stretch film is also made using an extrusion process but, instead of using a horizontal die, the resins are heated and pushed through a rotating vertical die. Air is blown through the middle of the die causing the film to balloon in to a bubble several stories tall. At the top of the bubble, an air ring cools the film before it is spooled on to rolls. This process creates a tacky stretch wrap that tends to be more noisy when coming off the roll.


Pre-Stretched or oriented engineered films are thinner, lighter and stronger than conventional films used for pallet stretch wrapping. Because it is stretched during the manufacturing process, it requires 10-15 times less pull force, has less neck-down when pulled and offers better load containment force with less work on the part of the operator. It is also resistant to nicks and cuts reducing wasted rolls.


Using even the most basic pallet wrapping machine can reduce your costs by making the wrapping process more efficient. Or you can step up to a machine with powered pre-stretch and watch your film usage go down and your savings go up. If you have a high volume application, you could benefit from a conveyorized fully automatic system. No matter what your application is, we have the machinery, film and expertise to take the headaches and expense out of wrapping pallets for you.


Manual Stretch Wrapping

Wrapping by hand is the most widely used method for stretch wrapping pallets of product. Just pick up a roll of stretch film, attach the film to the pallet and start wrapping. While this method is labor intensive, there are a plethora of hand wrapping tools that make the job easier and more efficient. From core handles to J-wrappers to pole wrappers, there is a tool on the market to make the process of hand wrapping pallets easier.



Semi-Auto Stretch Wrappers

Stretch wrap machines from Lantech like the Q300 and QL400 wrap pallets faster and more securely than any human can. Easy to use, these economical wrapping machines from Lantech incorporate a turntable which rotates as the stretch film is applied from a side column. The pallet is placed on the turntable by a forklift or pallet jack. After wrapping, the pallet is ready for shipment after being removed from the turntable.

Automatic Stretch Wrapper

With a fully automatic stretch wrapper, a forklift operator places the unwrapped pallet on a motorized conveyor. The conveyor moves the pallet in to a wrap zone containing a turntable or rotary arm and film. Once wrapped, the machine discharges the pallet where a forklift can take it away. These machines can increase efficiency by freeing up personnel to perform other tasks while pallets are being wrapped.


Sun Packaging – South Florida’s Stretch Wrap Packaging Experts

In South Florida, from Miami and Hollywood to Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm beach, and throughout the Caribbean and the Americas, Sun Packaging is your best choice in stretch film packaging. Our packaging experts can help you find an ideal, cost-effective solution for your pallet wrapping needs, whether you wrap one pallet or dozens of pallets in a typical day. From stretch wrapping equipment to stretch film supplies, contact us for fast, expert advice, equipment, and supplies.


As your full-service packaging systems partner, the experts at Sun Packaging can help you solve any packaging issue. As one of our customers, you can take advantage of our expertise in all areas of packaging, from applications engineering that helps you design an efficient productive packaging system for your business down to the smallest details, like edge and corner protection supplies. It’s all part of our dedication to complete service. Contact us today for information on corner protection products or about any packaging need. We’ll be happy to help you find a solution that is a perfect fit for your business.

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