Strapping is an important packaging technology, in use by many companies to hold a wide range of products together for shipment. Today’s plastic strapping materials offer strong, durable binding of materials without the danger and problems of steel strapping. At Sun Packaging, we support most brands of plastic strapping machinery, and we are distributors for Signode and Strapack strapping equipment and supplies.

From the simplest hand strapping systems to fully-automatic arch strapping equipment, our packaging experts can assist you in creating a strapping system that precisely matches your needs and budget.

Hand Strapping Systems Strapping remains a very useful system for unitizing pallets, boxes, and a wide range of other packaging situations. Now that plastic strapping is replacing steel strapping, companies that use strapping for packaging purposes are saving as much as 50% or more on strapping costs, and without the hazards to personnel that steel strapping always presented. Signode is the leader in hand strapping equipment, both power operated and manual. For occasional strapping needs, manual strapping tools may be adequate, but power strapping tools from Signode reduce operator fatigues and produce better results.

Semi-Automatic and Automatic Strapping Systems

Both Signode and Strapack manufacture automatic and semi-automatic strapping equipment. From table-top strappers like Strapack’s economical JK-2 model to rolling arch-style strapping machines like Signode’s HBX series, there is a strapping machine to suit any packaging situation.

Matching strapping equipment to your company’s needs isn’t always easy. That’s why South Florida companies call on Sun Packaging for expert advice and recommendations. Our packaging experts are always ready to evaluate your packaging needs and to provide competitive price quotes on equipment that will match your needs and budget.

Strapping Supplies

Matching plastic strapping to the job means selecting from a wide range of strapping materials from Strapack or other companies. The strapping must be compatible with the strapping equipment you’re using and suitable for your packaging requirements. Sun Packaging can supply you with strapping that is an exact match for your requirements.


As a full-service packaging systems supplier based in Pompano Beach, South Florida, Sun Packaging Technologies has the expertise, experience, and industry relationships that you need for any type of packaging. For strapping, we have selected only the best products from top manufacturers we know and trust to offer our customers. Contact us today for a price quote for strapping machinery or supplies or to discuss any packaging needs.

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