Protecting products from damage in shipment has been an important issue since the very beginning of commerce. When Sealed Air invented its Bubble Wrap® product almost 50 years ago, it changed the way companies protected their products forever. Since then, Sealed Air has pioneered many new types of protective packaging products and systems. As one of Florida’s largest Sealed Air distributors, we have the experience and know-how to help you find exactly the right Sealed Air product that will protect your products from damage in shipment. We’re a full-line distributor of Sealed Air products, including:


  • Bubble Wrap® – The original air cellular cushioning product
  • Cell-Aire® polyethylene foam products – Including thin film laminates
  • CelluPlank®, Cellu-Cushion®, ETHAFOAM®, and Stratocell® polyolefin fabrication foams E-Mail us for more information


  • Fill-Air Cyclone® Inflatable Packaging System
  • Fill-Air® RF Inflatable Packaging Systems
  • Fill-Air® Jet Stream™ Delivery System
  • Fill-Air® Quick Shot® Delivery Solution
  • FillTeck™ inflatable cushioning systems – Versatile and cost-effective
  • Instapak® foam-in-place packaging systems – Customized foam cushioning
  • Jiffy Mailer® products– Cushioned mailer products
  • Korrvu® suspension and retention packaging – Shock and vibration protection
  • NewAir I.B.® Express Packaging System – Compact & versatile
  • Custom Wrap™ and Kushion Kraft® Paper packaging
  • PackTiger™ paper cushioning system – Custom-sized cushioning on-site
  • PriorityPak® automated packaging systems – High-speed custom packaging


When you need cushioned packaging systems, think Sealed Air and Sun Packaging Technologies. Our seasoned packaging experts are always ready to find solutions for protective packaging, no matter what products you package. There is a Sealed Air solution that’s right for your needs, and Sun Technologies is your dedicated Sealed Air distributor, based in South Florida. Call us today for all of your protective packaging needs.

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