For products that must be packed individually, a flow-wrap system is a great choice. Fed by rolls of heat-sealable film, which can be pre-printed with product information, the film is wrapped around the product, then sealed on three sides by the machine. The result is a neat, crisp package that has great consumer appeal, is easy to open, and carries your company’s branding, graphics, and contents information. Flow-wrap packaging is used widely for food products, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and medical products. At Sun Packaging, our packaging specialists can show you how the high quality flow-wrap form/fill/seal equipment we supply can streamline your packaging of any of these and other products.

The PFM Hawk Horizontal Flow-Wrap Packaging Machine

From the PFM Group, the Hawk is an economical horizontal flow-wrap type packaging machine. Like all PFM horizontal flow-wrap machines, the Hawk produces packs that are sealed on three sides from a roll of heat-sealable packaging film. It can run up to 100 mechanical cycles per minute. Of course the actual number of packages per minute depend on the product you intend to run and the film you use.

Hawk can be customized with many optional features including a photocell for print-registration and a hot-stamp printer for date/lot coding. Options include mechanical or digital controls.

The PFM Pearl Horizontal Flow-Wrap Packaging Machine

The PFM Group’s Pearl is a full servo horizontal flow-wrap machine. The standard machine can produce up to 120 packages per minute (depending on the product and film). It has a carbon steel frame, compact design, cutting edge hardware and a color touch screen operator interface.

Because of its servo motor controls, the Pearl can automatically adjust the bag length, print registration position, crimper position, dwell time and the overall machine speed. This is all done via the operator interface – no tools required.

The PFM Falcon Horizontal Flow-Wrap Packaging Machine

PFM Group’s Falcon is ideal when you need to set up quickly and when you change products frequently. It can produce up to 200 packages per minute, depending on the product and film, and is ideal for packaging food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and printed materials. The Falcon’s mechanical and electronic components are housed at the back of the machine, leaving the front clear for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Falcon is available in the following versions:

  • Mechanical
  • Electronic (2 axes)
  • Servo (3 axes), color touch screen, on-line help system
  • Long Dwell: for high-speed production of hermetically sealed packs
  • Extra Wide: roll width up to 900mm (35.25”)
  • 304 stainless steel construction for humid work environments
  • Shrink: for heat-shrinkable packaging material with lengthwise and crosswise edge sealing and salvage of the excess material

PAC Machinery Group AMHT 350T Horizontal Flow Wrap Packaging Machine

Small enough to fit on a table top, the PAC AMHT 350T is ideal for smaller scale, entry level flow-wrap packaging needs. Capable of up to 60 bags per minute, it can be adjusted to package a wide range of sizes. It sets up quickly, is simple to operate, and is perfect for getting started with flow-wrap packaging or adding new capacity for specialized needs. A variety of options is available, including gas flush, in-line printer, and more.


Wherever you need flow-wrap packaging equipment, the packaging experts from Sun Packaging are ready to help you make the right choices. We’ll evaluate your requirements and help you create a packaging system that will exactly meet your requirements. Packaging systems are our only business, and we would love to meet you and help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to discuss any packaging issue, and let us show you how we have earned our reputation for quality, value, and service.

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