Creating Customers for Life since 1991

Sun Packaging Technologies is South Florida’s prime source for packaging machinery and supplies for everything from bagging, carton sealing, protective packaging and shrink packaging to strapping, corner protection, shrink wrapping and stretch packaging solutions for palletized shipping. Since 1991, we’ve provided top quality packaging equipment and supplies to companies of all sizes, along with the expertise in packaging technology that helps those companies find ideal solutions for every packaging need. Our 40+ years of experience and commitment to excellence in products and service are all dedicated to creating “customers for life.”


We dedicate ourselves to designing practical, cost-effective packaging solutions that provide maximum value, efficiency and reliability for every customer’s packaging operations. When packaging operations run smoothly, you can focus on other aspects of your business, rather than spending time worrying about packaging issues.


Packaging equipment is just part of the equation. The top quality packaging supplies we offer help keep that equipment running smoothly and prevent costly delays and inefficiencies. That’s why we carefully select all materials and supplies we provide to our customers. High quality supplies save money over the long haul. 


Just as establishing long-term relationships with our customers is crucial to our success, Sun Packaging has established long-term relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers. Those relationships and our volume purchasing allow us to offer our customers outstanding value for their packaging dollar. It’s part of our commitment to quality in everything we do.


South Florida is well known as “The Gateway to the Americas,” and we also serve the entire Caribbean region, along with Central and South America. Wherever your company is located, you can rely on Sun Packaging to supply your needs quickly and economically. Hablamos español.

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Your Complete Packaging Solution Provider

For companies in all of Florida, the Caribbean region, throughout the Americas and beyond, Sun Packaging knows that information is the key to successful packaging solutions. We encourage you to explore this website, where you’ll find information on a complete range of packaging equipment and supplies. Contact us at any time to discuss your packaging needs. Our experienced, professional packaging experts will help you create money-saving packaging solutions that are a perfect fit for your business. We’ll show you why Sun Packaging is your best choice in packaging technology anywhere. Hablamos español.


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